Intermittent fasting gained a huge popularity in recent years because of the numerous benefits it can bring to the body and mind.

Do you know that people from all over the world practiced fasting for thousands of years? In some cultures, it was an opportunity for reflection and introspection.

Today, people use intermittent fasting to get a health boost and experience improved mental clarity. Let’s take a quick look at 4 major benefits of this habit.

Intermittent fasting can increase your lifespan

Studies show that fasting can help the body metabolize nutrients properly and repair tissue and cell damage. Just as you go with your vehicle to an auto shop to do periodic maintenance tasks such as changing the brake pads and air filters, your body also needs to perform maintenance tasks to help you stay alive.

This happens mostly during the fasting state since your organism has plenty of time and resources at his disposal to normalize blood sugar levels, remove toxins from the body and produce new cells. Periodic fasting can actually prolong your lifespan, not to mention that you will also age more healthfully.

Fasting can help you lose weight

Recent studies done on mice as well as on humans discovered that those who fast several times a week for a couple of months experience significant weight loss, without actually having to manually restrict calorie intake.

As you probably already know, losing or gaining weight is just a matter of burning too little or too many calories on a daily basis. People who fast regularly have the tendency to eat fewer calories because the body will get used to burning through internal fat storages for fuel.

Granted, you will not lose a couple of pounds per week if you engage in intermittent fasting (it is also dangerous to lose weight this way), but you’ll see great improvements in your waistline a couple of weeks down the road.

Makes you feel lighter and better

People who fast regularly report that they feel much more vitalized on a daily basis, have more energy and most importantly, more mental clarity. Again, fasting is a process which gives your body the opportunity to process foods in a leisurely manner and finish the digestive process every day.

This means that there will be little to no calories left in your stomach and intestines to slow you down while you perform daily activities. When you feel lighter on the inside, you’ll also feel much better, become more productive and be able to get more things done.

Fasting can reduce blood sugar levels

One of the top benefits of intermittent fasting is the simple fact that it normalizes blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity. This is a major benefit for everyone since type 2 diabetes is a common health threat for most of the people.

As you probably know already, sugar is a major enemy to your health and wellbeing because it can promote inflammation and increases insulin resistance which can make you diabetic. Since sugar is in almost any food and drinks available on the market today, it wouldn’t hurt to try intermittent fasting for a couple of weeks to normalize blood sugar levels and avoid serious complications.

Bottom line

Remember that intermittent fasting isn’t something that only religious people do. It is a healthy habit that can have multiple positive consequences for your health. Everyone should try fasting for around 13-14 hours a day a few times a week to experience these benefits on his own!

Nick Gold is a health writer for hire specializing in fitness, nutrition and wellness topics. He writes regularly on multiple health websites including DiscountedLabs and ExcelMale. As a self-proclaimed fitness addict, Nick spends a lot of time trying different workouts and exercise regimens, practicing yoga, mixed martial arts and weight-lifting. In his spare time, Nick takes care of his cat, Zorro, and occasionally enjoys a pizza, his favorite cheat meal.

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