We all know that working out is good for health and it prolongs our life, but why so many people still feel comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle and avoid exercising? Some might say that a lack of motivation can get between a couch-potato and his 6-pack, insanely ripped version, but is this true? Well, if you know all the reasons in the world why you should start working out, but they are not sufficient to make you take action, maybe you need to know something a little bit different! Keep reading this article and find out 5 hidden benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle that probably you have never heard about.

Feel free to fall on ice and get up smiling!

This actually happened to me once when I was skating for the first time. I caught up speed, lost control, and immediately fell on my left side, sliding like 15 feet across the ice. It was an exhilarating experience from which I rose confusedly, yet strangely satisfied. I didn’t feel any pain during or after the fall, only a 30-second headache which vanished quickly. Thanks to a healthy lifestyle and working out 6 times per week, I didn’t break any body part and my discomfort was greatly minimized.

Working out strengthens your muscles, joints, tendons, and bones, making you feel like a little tank. Any hit or fall you experience will have a much smaller impact on your overall health and self-esteem. Therefore, if you don’t want to break a leg next time you try your samba moves at a party (and inevitably make a fool of yourself), hit that gym once in a while.

Recuperate quicker from a hangover

Speaking of parties, many people tend to get inebriated at such gatherings and it is only normal to be so. Drinking in moderation eliminates stress and helps you summon up the courage to invite that girl to dance. Drinking too much, well, that eliminates some of your self-dignity and might help summon the paramedics or cops in really worse situations.

However, the silver lining is that being physically active reduces your hangover time. A healthy person who works out regularly has healthy organs which can process alcohol much faster in comparison with your average Joe. So, if you want to get back on your feet quicker and be reasonably functional Monday morning, don’t let dust accumulate on those dumbbells.

Ditch toothpaste and chewing gum

One of the main benefits of working out, especially if you do intensive cardio routines, is that it makes you sweat like a pig. On a more serious note now, sweating is actually the best medicine you can find! It eliminates toxins, microbes, bacteria, and anything that shouldn’t be in your body. Since there are fewer impurities to deal with, you will eliminate bad breath as well. Although it is not really a good idea to stop brushing your teeth (but you should ditch that chewing gum), going for a jog from time to time is highly recommended.

Climb stairs without puffing like a locomotive

You’re out with your friends visiting a new mall, going for a drink or looking for a place to unwind. You want to reach to your favorite location as soon as possible, but unfortunately, the automated stairs don’t work that day. Disaster! You’ll have to take the regular stairs and imagine how you will feel after climbing them and breathing heavily like if you have been chased by stray dogs. Not a very dignifying position to be in, especially if in your group there’s that cute co-worker you’ve been eyeballing all day long. You know what you have to do to avoid this, right?

Get a nice skin and possibly eliminate acne

This benefit is appealing to men too, not only women. Since working out helps you eliminate toxins from your body, your skin will look much more beautiful, shinier, suppler, and more attractive. You’ll even get compliments on your facial skin! You rarely hear people saying that they started working out because they wanted to have a more attractive ski, but this reason alone should give you something to think about, especially if you currently struggle with acne problems.

Look, we’re all busy, trying to juggle a hundred things and responsibilities every day. But who said that you should work out 2 hours a day? Start with 5 minutes every day for two weeks. Increase to 10 minutes after 2 weeks and keep it up as you see fit. Starting small helps you build a mental habit which will motivate you to become more interested in your health, well-being, and appearance. And start today!

Nick Gold is a health writer for hire specializing in fitness, nutrition and wellness topics. He writes regularly on multiple health websites including DiscountedLabs and ExcelMale. As a self-proclaimed fitness addict, Nick spends a lot of time trying different workouts and exercise regimens, practicing yoga, mixed martial arts and weight-lifting. In his spare time, Nick takes care of his cat, Zorro, and occasionally enjoys a pizza, his favorite cheat meal.

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