A health writer is a person who writes articles and blog posts in the health, fitness and wellness niche.

Health writers aren’t a jack of all trades, they specialize on specific health topics.

If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, fitness instructor or nutritionist, collaborating with a health writer can bring numerous benefits.

Why would you hire a health writer?

fitness writer

Health writers specialize in fitness, nutrition and wellness topics

Did you know that 78% percent of consumers prefer to know a brand via articles instead of ads?

In other words, having relevant content on your website or blog can pay huge dividends when it comes to your online marketing strategy.

Working with an experienced health writer who is familiar with nutrition, fitness and wellness topics gives you an advantage over your competition.

Your health writer can add blog posts on your website on a weekly basis.

These blog posts inform your audience about the products you sell or the services you offer as a fitness professional or company owner.

As a result, your readership will become more engaged with your brand and begin to trust you.

Best of all, you don’t have to write articles on your own, upload them online or promote them on social media platforms. Your professional health writer will do that for you!

Another excellent advantage of working with a person who writes in the health niche is that the articles you get are forever yours!

The content provided by the health writer remains on your website for years, continuously driving traffic and creating engagement.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this subject and find out the specific ways a health or fitness writer can help your business.

Health writers increase traffic through SEO blog articles

health blog post

Health writers create SEO blog posts which drive more traffic to your website

There is a big difference between a simple article or piece of content and a SEO blog post.

As you probably already know, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It is basically a way of improving content to make it easier to find by search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

SEO is science. It constantly changes depending on Google’s complex search algorithms.

However, you don’t have to worry about anything because most experienced health writers create SEO content for your website.

That means health articles which are optimized to rank well on Google search pages.

This can be a huge advantage for you because the optimized content will stay ahead of the competition.

Potential clients will be more likely to click on your health article and go to your website instead of your competitor’s website.

This is one major difference between regular articles and SEO blog posts.

Great health writers know how to do on-site optimization and write in a way that keeps readers on the page.

In the long run, SEO health content will attract a larger readership which translates into more potential customers and more profits for you.

Health writers educate your audience when it comes to health and wellness topics

nutrition writer

An educated readership converts more easily!

The health articles posted on your website are skillfully crafted to educate your audience on various interesting health topics.

For example, everyone must know what fasting glucose is, what the normal glucose levels in the bloodstream are and how to reduce it if it is too high.

Abnormal glucose levels lead to diabetes and this is a totally preventable disease.

Experienced health writers can also write about other topics including:

The list goes on and on.

All of these are interesting topics which attract readers who are curious to learn more about their bodies and health.

When you have quality content on your website, you naturally generate more traffic.

Once readers are there and explore your health topics, they will learn valuable tips and start to trust your brand more.

As a result, it will be easier to convert them into paying customers once you have already provided them with informational gems!

Health writers can make complex health concepts easier to understand

Did you know that isometric exercises are as efficient as isotonic exercises when it comes to building strength?

How about visceral fat? Did you know that it can increase inflammation biomarkers and lead to life-threatening diseases?

Lastly, what’s the difference between diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably like “what’s an isometric exercise? Visceral fat? Biomarker?”.

These are terms regularly used in the medical and sometimes fitness community.

They sound interesting and attractive, making people who say them seem smarter.

However, if some of your readers stumble upon such terms, they might immediately become uninterested and leave your website.

If you have a company selling health products or services, potential clients won’t want to do business with you simply because they don’t understand what you say.

A health writer can be so helpful here!

Health writers know how to break down complex terms and make them more digestible.

For example, isometric exercises don’t involve muscle lengthening or shortening.

You can push against a wall for a few minutes and you’ll work your shoulders and arms without moving your body.

You’ll get tired, so you are performing muscle work.

Standing in plank position is another isometric exercise. The muscles contract, but they don’t shorten or lengthen (no flexion or extension).

Isotonic exercises are exactly the opposite. The muscles contract, lengthen and/or shorten.

Doing biceps curls is an isotonic exercise.

Visceral fat refers to fatty tissue accumulated between organs. It is a dangerous type of fat because it covers vital organs such as the liver, preventing them from functioning optimally.

Now you see the difference?

This type of explaining goes a long way in making a reader understand what you try to say.

Good health writers can make complicated medical subjects or health topics look like child’s play. This keeps readers on the page and they are more likely to convert in the future.

Health writers can review health products or services for you

fitness writer

Health writers know how to review fitness products

You are probably a website owner focusing on creating reviews about different products.

Health and fitness accessories sell very well these days, so why shouldn’t you write reviews about them?

You basically use affiliate links and get a commission from each sale which happens through your website.

It’s not rocket science, is profitable marketing!

To do that, you need more than a few professional reviews on your website.

These reviews speak about the advantages and disadvantages of a pair of dumbbells, for example, as well as how to use them and what they are made for.

Health writers know such types of health products because they probably used them in real life already.

They are more likely to write interesting, attractive and honest reviews on these products, bringing more traffic to your website.

And remember the SEO part in the beginning? These reviews can also be written with SEO in mind to maximize exposure in the long run.

Why would you waste time writing reviews by yourself (you might not even have hands-on experience with such products) when you can outsource this task to experienced professionals such as health writers

Health writers offer valuable information backed by science

Most people love accurate, trustworthy information which is preferably backed by science.

There are numerous authority health websites such as Health Harvard and PubMed where scientific studies are published every day.

This vast database of medical information provides a goldmine for business owners like you.

It goes like this:

  • Readerships want accurate, science-based data
  • Health writers dig deep into these scientific studies to extract valuable information
  • They use this information to craft interesting articles
  • Readers love these articles and start to trust your brand more

And why shouldn’t they trust you since again, you provide scientific information at their fingertips?

Having articles linking to authority websites sets you apart from the competition. Readers will come to your site more frequently because you don’t spread false data for personal gains.

Best of all, the scientific information extracted by health writers will also be converted into an engaging and clever article which reads easily and well!

What’s next?

These are just a few of the benefits of working with a health writer.

You get to experience them all by simply take action and contacting one!

Professional health writers are serious about their business and respond to messages quickly, so you won’t have to wait long for a reply.

Good luck!

Nick Gold is a health writer for hire specializing in fitness, nutrition and wellness topics. He writes regularly on multiple health websites including DiscountedLabs and ExcelMale. As a self-proclaimed fitness addict, Nick spends a lot of time trying different workouts and exercise regimens, practicing yoga, mixed martial arts and weight-lifting. In his spare time, Nick takes care of his cat, Zorro, and occasionally enjoys a pizza, his favorite cheat meal.

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