nick gold health writerNick’s Story

My love affair with writing and fitness began back in 2012.  I remember that I wanted to buy a brand new smartphone, but didn’t have enough money in savings. That’s how I discovered that I could write copy to earn spending money and I realized that I really like writing.

Once I had the damn smartphone in my hand, I knew I wanted more. So I continued to write for clients, upgraded my skills, and saved more money. That’s how I eventually bought an indoor bicycle. And then a boxing bag. And then a pair of dumbbells. And then a gym membership. You can probably see where this is going!

Fast-forward a few years, I combined my love of fitness with a passion for writing to create win-win scenarios for me and my clients. Now I’m a full-time writer, creating copy for renowned websites and trying to inspire readers to pursue their dreams. And I’m still saving money to buy additional fitness equipment 🙂

When I’m not writing or working out, I like to relax with a good book and trance music. I occasionally enjoy a pizza, my favorite cheat meal, and practice yoga to improve hamstrings flexibility.

By the way, here’s me doing the crane pose at a local gym in Bucharest.

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